Wander on

I can see the train leaving from
From my window.
I’ve got a bad tendency to go where
where the wind blows.
I just wander on.
I say I go to the left
but then I go to the right
I go back home and I pack my bags all night.

Well my bags are packed now
So I’m gone for good
and I’m never setting foot
in my old neighborhood.
I’ll just wander on.
All I’ve got left
Is I know that I’m right.
Even if I don’t know where I lay my hat tonight.

Even in my dreams
I’m still running all the time
and I’ve got a sweet girl
who could never be mine.
So I wander on.
She said: That’s why I left
You think you’re always right.
Well I didn’t sleep very well that night.

I’ve been searching for my father
but I’ve only found myself.
So I take a shot of whisky
and I put that on the shelf.
That’s why I wander on.
Wondering why he left
doesn’t make all this right
and that’s what keeps me up at night.


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