Veganized: a list of vegan (or almost) grocery stores.


Hello Dear Mohubbees,

Today’s blog post is not going to feature any specific recipes, but it will give you some pretty good tips on vegan eating and living in Montreal.

What if I told you that being a vegan in Montreal has never been so easy? The number of vegan restaurants, grocery stores and cafes has skyrocketed in the last few years and this is mostly because an increasing number of the population is making the shift from omnivore to vegetarian and/ or vegan.

I do not consider my self 100% vegan, although I am 98% of the time, I support veganism in all its forms as a way of showing  compassion towards all living beings and as a way to be conscious about our environment.

This blog post is not a way to convince you to become a veg but it’s a way to show you that, will you ever want to make the shift, plenty of resources are there for you to make the transition easy, cheap and DELICIOUS 😉

Here’s a short list of some grocery stores that you might want to check out (even as an omnivore):

Le Frigo Vert: Concordia anti-capitalist grocery store, offering a selection of affordable, high-quality, mostly vegan grocery items (snacks, ready-to-eat meals, produce etc).

Coop la Maison Verte: one of NDG’s most popular grocery stores and cafe. There you can find a pretty good variety of vegan and vegetarian items and a lovely community.

Paradis végétarien: the place to go for all sorts of faux meat and fish soy and/or mushroom based.

Antidote SuperAlimentation: 100% grocery store, cafe and juice bar in the heart of Le Centre Sud.

Aux Vivres: not only a restaurant but also a little boutique carrying not only Aux Vivres ready meals, cakes and sauces but a variety of vegan snacks and drinks.

Segal’s Market: this is not a vegan grocery store, but it has all sorts of vegan, organic products at a very low price and is located in the heart of the Plateau.

The list could go on, but I think that for a start this is a good number of new stores to add to your list. In a few weeks I will be talking about my favourite vegan restaurants in town.

Restez branché.e.s!



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