Touski: What is left from our recent past: the 80s!

Come and eat small portion of various dishes with a 80s music background!

Your plate will differ from the one of your neighbours according to your time of arrival at Mo hubbs.

Lasagna, polenta, sushi, chinese macaroni (soy sauce), green salad, banana bread, oatmeal cookies: the mascarade is in your plate!

WHERE: 2090 Mackay (near H building on Concordia SGW campus)

WHEN: 5-7pm Thursday Feb 5th 2015


Cette semaine, venez apprecier un repas compose de plusieurs petites bouchees sous une musique des annees 80.

Votre assiette sera unique selon votre heure d’arrivee et les plats servis a ce moment.

Lasagne, polenta, sushi, macaroni chinois (sauce soya), salade verte, gateau aux banaes, biscuits a l’avoine: la mascarade de gouts sera dans votre assiette!

OU: 2090 Mackay (pres d’edifice H sur le campus SGW de l”Universite Concordia)

QUAND: Jeudi le 5 fevrier, 17h-19h


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