All the recipes from Fall semester 2014


Hi! Here are all the recipes from last semesterès meals.

Hope it could inspire you!

First Week September:

-Pâté chinois:

-3-colors peppers sald with maples syrup dressing


Second Week September:


-Black beans brownies:

Week October 6th: Fall warmth colors inspiration

-Pizza: homemade crust and various vegan toppings
-Beet salad: with oranges and special dressing
-Dessert: Croustade aux pommes
Week October 14th: Fall traditional recipes
-Courge spaghetti with tomato sauce
-Green beans
-Pumpkin pie
Inspirational recipes for the pie:
Week October 21st: Theme of India/Québec:
-Curry and couscous (or rice):
-Apple cider: without the real rhum.
-Pouding chômeur with fresh blueberries (if I can find some!):
-Vanilla Ice cream:
Week October 30th: Halloween menu
-Worm soup: green soup and red noodles
-Witch hotpot: The bugs ragout: black beans
-Bave de crapaud: Polenta with green food colouring
-Disgusting eyes: litchis with cherries or cranberries and blueberries
Week Nov 4th: Absent-cook meal
Week Nov 10th: PEI Kitchen Party style:

-Vegan Meat Loaf
-PEI baked potatoes
MAYBE: -Hubbard Squash with Cranberries
-Blueberries Muffins
Some fiddle music:

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