potatoes and pie

Boooya…Mohubbs bringing  the hot healthy food for a cold day of protesting the tuition hikes. Thumbs up to everybody that came out to march and a special thanks to the few that marched and then came to volunteer at mohubbs. Your service does not go un-noticed.


It was a meal of steaming hot baked potatoes with grilled onions, mushrooms and sage toppings, finished with hot pear and cherry pie. That’s right it was not a day to miss.


First about baked potatoes: their easy! Scrub a big Idaho potato clean, dry it and rub oil salt and pepper on it, then stick the potato in a 350 degree oven and back for about 1 and ½ hours—turn half way through. The potato is done when a knife can pass through with no resistance.

For the topping, fry half a sliced onion 2-3 minutes on medium, season with salt and pepper, add 4-5 sliced mushrooms, cook another 5 minutes, add diced fresh sage, cook another minute, taste season if needed.


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