We’re Back!

Hello and Welcome back!

We’re still here on Thursday evenings at Concordia’s Multi-faith Chaplaincy (Rue Mackay) so come by and share in the food and good company!  So, without further adieu, here’s yesterday’s recipe:

Sweet Potato and Pineapple Stew:

Sweet Potatoes



Pineapple chunks and juice

Veggie Broth



Chilies (dried)


Roast the whole cumin, coriander, and chilies in a pan for a few minutes, stirring gently.  Grind in spice grinder.

Saute chopped onions in oil until translucent-several minutes.  Add garlic and spices for one minute.

Add sweet potatoes and veggie broth.  Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer.  Let sit for about 30 minutes or until potatoes are tender.

Roast pineapple chunks in a pan with a bit of oil until slightly caramelized.  Add to stew when done.

Season to taste with salt and pepper.



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