Hello Mo Hubbers and welcome to another fantastic year of food and friends!  Classes have started here at Concordia and that means that one week from now (Thursday, September 17) will be our first meal of the 2009 fall semester!

In case you’re new to all of this, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard is a weekly vegan meal prepared at Concordia’s Multi-Faith chaplaincy (2090 Rue Mackay across from the Hall building) and served between 5-7.  Dinners usually take the form of a soup and a grain with some bread and dip, drinks, desert, and lots of company.  We usually serve over 100 people each Thursday, which would never be possible without the help of our diligent volunteers.

In fact, Mother Hubbard is looking for Volunteers this semester!  Drop by and be a part of the action by helping to cook, set up, or clean any Thursday between noon and seven.  You can e-mail mohubbs@alcor.concordia.ca if you’re interested (it would be best if we know how many volunteers we have beforehand).

I hope to see everyone next week for the kick off meal!

Mother Hubbard (Julianne)


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