Back to the action

Hello everyone!  Mother Hubbard’s is back again for the semester.  I think I’ll be posting recipes here every other week.  Unfortunately, because the portions I make are so big, I don’t have exact measurements to make a normal amount.  I just use common sense as well as test as I go along, but these are pretty simple:

Carrot-Lentil stew:

Red Lentils


carrots (as many as you can handle)



bay leaves





Boil then simmer the lentils and veggies until cooked through (about 15 minutes).  Add spices and tahini to taste when done.  Let sit 5-10 minutes then serve.

Kidney Bean Stew:

Kidney beans (canned or dried)

rutabega or turnip



kombu seaweed

bay leaf


miso (I used red)

fresh parsley

The soaking time for uncooked kidney beans is at least 8 hours, but they could also sit overnight.

Boil veggies until desired softness (with soaked kidney beans if uncooked).  Add spices when done (with kidney beans if cooked) and let sit for about 10 minutes to absorb the flavor.


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